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Perpetual WFP-Aberdeen Act Hdg Intl Eq
Perpetual WFP-Advance Imputation
Perpetual WFP-AMP Capital Global Eq Val
Perpetual WFP-AMP Capl Glbl Prpty Secs
Perpetual WFP-APN Unlisted Property
Perpetual WFP-Arnhem Australian Equity
Perpetual WFP-Ausbil Aust Actv Eq
Perpetual WFP-Ausbil Aust Emerg Ldrs
Perpetual WFP-Australian Unity Mortg
Perpetual WFP-Bentham Global Income
Perpetual WFP-BlackRock Balanced
Perpetual WFP-BlackRock Glbl Sml Capl
Perpetual WFP-BlackRock Monthly Income
Perpetual WFP-BlackRock Scien Aus Eq
Perpetual WFP-BlackRock Scien Diver Gr
Perpetual WFP-BlackRock Scien Divr Stb
Perpetual WFP-BT Australian Share
Perpetual WFP-BT International Share
Perpetual WFP-BT Property Securities
Perpetual WFP-CFS Equity Income
Perpetual WFP-Fidelity Australian Eq
Perpetual WFP-Goldman Sachs Aus Infra
Perpetual WFP-GSE GESY unhg
Perpetual WFP-Ibbotson Aust Shrs Actv
Perpetual WFP-Ibbotson Conservative Gr
Perpetual WFP-Ibbotson Growth
Perpetual WFP-InTech Balanced Growth
Perpetual WFP-Investor Mutual Aus Sha
Perpetual WFP-Investor Mutual Fut Ledr
Perpetual WFP-Lazard Glbl Listed Infra
Perpetual WFP-Macquarie Income Opps
Perpetual WFP-Magellan Global
Perpetual WFP-MFS Global Equity
Perpetual WFP-OnePath Divers Fixed Int
Perpetual WFP-Perennial Value Shrs
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Aus Shr
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Bal Grth
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Cash
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Concntr Eq
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Consevative Gr
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Diversified Gr
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Ethical SRI
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Geared Aus
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Int Shr
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Mortgage
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Share Plus L/S
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Small Coms
Perpetual WFP-Perpetual Split Gr
Perpetual WFP-Platinum Asia
Perpetual WFP-Platinum International
Perpetual WFP-RREEF Global Prpty Secs
Perpetual WFP-Schroder Australian Eq
Perpetual WFP-Schroder Balanced
Perpetual WFP-Schroder Fixed Income
Perpetual WFP-Solaris Core Aus Eq
Perpetual WFP-T. Rowe Price Global Eq
Perpetual WFP-UBS Defensive Investment
Perpetual WFP-van Eyk Blueprint Balance
Perpetual WFP-van Eyk Blueprint High Gr
Perpetual WFP-van Eyk Capital Balanced
Perpetual WFP-Vanguard Aust FI Idx
Perpetual WFP-Vanguard Australian Idx
Perpetual WFP-Vanguard Intl Shr Idx Hg
Perpetual WFP-Vanguard Prpty Secs Idx
Perpetual WFP-Walter Scott Glbl Eq Hdgd
Perpetual WFP-Zurich Inv Glbl Thematic
Perpetual WFS-Aberdeen Act Hdg Intl Eq
Perpetual WFS-Advance Imputation
Perpetual WFS-AMP Capital Global Eq Val
Perpetual WFS-AMP Capl Glbl Prpty Secs
Perpetual WFS-APN Unlisted Property
Perpetual WFS-Arnhem Australian Equity
Perpetual WFS-Ausbil Aust Actv Eq
Perpetual WFS-Australian Unity Mortg
Perpetual WFS-Bentham Global Income
Perpetual WFS-BlackRock Balanced
Perpetual WFS-BlackRock Glbl Sml Capl
Perpetual WFS-BlackRock Monthly Income
Perpetual WFS-BlackRock Scien Aus Eq
Perpetual WFS-BlackRock Scien Diver Gr
Perpetual WFS-BlackRock Scien Divr Stb
Perpetual WFS-BT Australian Share
Perpetual WFS-BT International Share
Perpetual WFS-BT Property Securities
Perpetual WFS-CFS Equity Income
Perpetual WFS-Fidelity Australian Eq
Perpetual WFS-Goldman Sachs Aus Infra
Perpetual WFS-GSE GESY unhg
Perpetual WFS-Ibbotson Aust Shrs Actv
Perpetual WFS-Ibbotson Balanced Growth
Perpetual WFS-Ibbotson Conservative Gr
Perpetual WFS-Ibbotson Growth
Perpetual WFS-Investor Mutual Aus Sha
Perpetual WFS-Investor Mutual Fut Ledr
Perpetual WFS-Lazard Glbl Listed Infra
Perpetual WFS-Macquarie Income Opps
Perpetual WFS-Magellan Global
Perpetual WFS-MFS Global Equity
Perpetual WFS-OnePath Divers Fixed Int
Perpetual WFS-Perennial Value Shrs
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Aus Shr
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Bal Grth
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Cash
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Concntr Eq
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Conservative
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Diversified Gr
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Diversified Inc
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Ethical SRI
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Geared Aus
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Int Shr
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Mortgage
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Share Plus L/S
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Small Coms
Perpetual WFS-Perpetual Split Gr
Perpetual WFS-Platinum Asia
Perpetual WFS-Platinum International
Perpetual WFS-RREEF Global Prpty Secs
Perpetual WFS-Schroder Australian Eq
Perpetual WFS-Schroder Balanced
Perpetual WFS-Schroder Fixed Income
Perpetual WFS-Solaris Core Australian Eq
Perpetual WFS-T. Rowe Price Global Eq
Perpetual WFS-UBS Defensive Investment
Perpetual WFS-van Eyk Blueprint Balance
Perpetual WFS-van Eyk Blueprint High Gr
Perpetual WFS-van Eyk Capital Balanced
Perpetual WFS-Vanguard Aust FI Idx
Perpetual WFS-Vanguard Australian Idx
Perpetual WFS-Vanguard Intl Shr Idx Hg
Perpetual WFS-Vanguard Prpty Secs Idx
Perpetual WFS-Walter Scott Glbl Eq Hdgd
Perpetual WFS-Zurich Inv Glbl Thematic


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