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2020 DIRECTINVEST BlueChip Series

The Australian stock market has a combined market value in excess of $1 trillion. Restrictions such as the size of the initial investment and cost of large brokerage fees can hamper an investor’s ability to diversify their portfolio and not perform as well as the wider market. BlueChip20 is your introduction to the world of share market investing.

Here's how it works

  • Invest as little as $5,000 to own a direct, blue chip share portfolio of Australia’s Top 20 ASX listed companies.
  • Your money is professionally managed by BlackRock Investment Management Australia but you only pay half the fees of a managed fund
  • You can add to your BlueChip20 investment every month through an optional regular payment using as little as $500
  • You can add gearing to your portfolio through an optional margin loan
  • Watch your portfolio grow as you accumulate more shares in blue chip Australian companies.

Is this the same as the Westpac BlueChip20?

The 2020 DIRECTINVEST BlueChip20 is very similar to the Westpac BlueChip20, but there are a few differences:

  • Gearing and monthly contributions are both optional, not mandatory;
  • ongoing fees are more than 0.4% pa lower than the Westpac version of BlueChip20; and
  • there is no Adviser Service Fee

Investors should download the product disclosure statement for full details.

Why BlueChip20?

  • Beneficial Ownership - Unlike a managed fund, you are the beneficial owner of the securities in your Blue Chip 20 portfolio - so you don’t inherit other investor’s capital gains.
  • Diversification - Own a portfolio of shares in Australia’s top 20 blue chip companies.
  • Cost effective investing - BlueChip20 is half the cost of an average managed fund & brokerage costs are just 0.05%.
  • Smart Investing - BlackRock professionally manages your investment; your portfolio is rebalanced to reflect the ASX 20 as closely as possible. Online management gives you full access 24/7.

The BlueChip20 model portfolio has been designed for investors who

  • Seek exposure to Australian equities through a portfolio of large capitalisation stocks
  • Are happy to receive index returns without any active investment management
  • Accept the risk of significant price fluctuation

The 2020 DIRECTINVEST BlueChip20 makes investing in Australia’s leading companies easier and more cost effective than ever. BlueChip20 is an available option through the 2020 DIRECTINVEST BlueChip Series. Please see above for information on the differences from the Westpac BlueChip20.






Download and read the appropriate version of the 2020 DIRECTINVEST BlueChip Series product disclosure statement below. Complete the enclosed application form and post all documents to 2020.  

For investor login access, account management forms and reporting assistance, please visit our Investor Centre.


Model Portfolios

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There are no entry or exit fees in the 2020 DIRECTINVEST BlueChip Series. 2020 will receive a Dealer Group Service Fee of up to 0.385% pa.


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