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Borrowing to invest, or gearing, gives an investor a wider range of investment opportunities that they couldn’t otherwise afford. For years Australians have used gearing to access property and have enjoyed profit potential of assets they wouldn’t have otherwise afford. A margin loan can help you put the same principle to work with the BlueChip Series.

When using a BT margin loan to invest in the BlueChip series, if you choose to fix and prepay your margin loan interest rate before June 30 you can potentially claim next year’s interest costs as a tax deduction this financial year.

When investing in the BlueChip series through BT's margin loan, 2020 DIRECTINVEST members will receive a 0.20% off the advertised standard BT margin loan headline rate.

Key benefits of BT Margin Loan

  • LVR on underlying securities - the ability to invest in any model(s) with the loan to value ratios being applied to each individual security
  • Consolidated reporting - loan balance details and investment information available through one single login
  • Attractive interest rates - A range of fixed and prepaid interest terms with competitive interest rates
  • Regular gearing - the opportunity to increase the amount you can invest each month and potentially magnify returns
  • Customisation - you can use customisations like holding locks, excluding security or replacing securities.
  • No fees - no application or ongoing service fees for individual or joint applicants

Managing changes to your linked SMA

When you have a BT margin loan linked to your Separately Managed Account, your account (and all securities within the account) is security for your loan, therefore BT Margin Lending must approve all changes or instructions relating to the account.

BT Margin Lending has tailored SMA forms to assist with any instructions relating to a linked SMA. The forms can be found at BT's website.

How to Apply More Information Existing Investors

Complete the relevant 2020 DIRECTINVEST BlueChip Series SMA application form. Then download, read, and complete all the revelant forms in the BT Margin Lending package.


Post your application to:

BT Margin Lending
GPO Box 3917
Sydney NSW 2001


Find out more about the 2020 DIRECTINVEST BlueChip Series and how it works.




BlueChip Series
BT Approved Listed Securities

For investor login access, account management forms and reporting assistance, please visit our Investor Centre.



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Fee Disclosure

2020 DIRECTINVEST will rebate 0.20% of our trailing commission as an interest rate discount. 2020 DIRECTINVEST may receive a trailing commission of up to 0.35% pa paid by BT and is not an additional charge to the investor.



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