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Cromwell Australian Property Fund

Fund Category Property
Minimum Initial Investment $10,000
Expected Close Date Open-ended
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Access Cromwell's listed and unlisted property expertise, in a single fund

  • Diversification through exposure to listed property securities and unlisted direct property investments 
  • Clear asset allocation and investment limits 
  • Suggested investment time frame five to seven years 
  • Distributions of 6.00 cpu5 paid monthly1

The Cromwell Australian Property Fund offers access to Cromwell's listed and unlisted property expertise, all in one fund. The diverse portfolio provides exposure to high quality properties, with a focus on consistent monthly income1

The Fund has been constructed to provide a tax advantaged monthly distribution1 plus potential for capital growth2, by investing in a portfolio of listed an dunlisted property investments.

The Fund will initially hold units in the Cromwell Phoenix Property Securities Fund and the Cromwell Direct Property Fund3. The Fund is designed to provide investors with a diversified mix of listed and unlisted property investments for the property allocation in their portfolio.

Cromwell Phoenix Property Securities Fund (PSF)

PSF will provide the Fund with exposure to listed property securities that are predominantly Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (A-REITs) listed on the ASX. Over time, the Fund may also invest in other property securities funds or hold listed property securities directly. For more information on PSF, please click here.

Cromwell Direct Property Fund (DPF)

DPF will provide the Fund's direct property exposure; DPF will initially invest in underlying property trusts managed by Cromwell Funds Management. For more information on DPF, please click here.

The Fund may also hold up to 30% of assets in cash when it is considered prudent by Cromwell Funds Management, including for Fund liquidity, pending new investments or where it considers available investment opportunities are relatively unattractive in value terms.


This is a summary only; please refer to the product disclosure statement for full detals
Type of Fund Diversified property fund
Suggested investment time frame 5-7 years
Distribution1 Currently 6.0 cents per annum, per unit. Paid monthly
Management costs 0.25% of net assets4


The Investment Managers

PSF is managed by Phoenix Portfolios, a specialist listed property securities investment manager. Its success is benchmarked against the S&P/ASX 300 A-REIT Accumulation Index.

DPF is managed by Cromwell Property Group. Its effectiveness as a manager is measured by comparing total annual returns from all Cromwell managed properties against the IPD Australian All-Fund Universe.

Troubleshooting PDS downloads

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There are no commissions payable to 2020 DIRECTINVEST on investments in this Fund.

Disclaimers and other important information

  1. Distributions and tax consequences are not guaranteed and are subject to the assumptions and risks contained in the PDS. The proportion of distributions that are tax deferred is dependent on a number of factors (for example building amortisation and depreciation of plant and equipment) and may vary from year to year. Deferred tax may be payable, in whole or in part, on the sale, transfer or redemption of units in the Fund.
  2. Capital growth is not guaranteed and is subject to the assumptions and risks contained in the PDS.
  3. Cromwell Funds Management is the responsible entity for each of the underlying funds.
  4. An indirect cost ratio ICR) of 1.88% is expected based on the Initial Investment Portfolio. For further information see Section 5.4 of the PDS.
  5. Amounts are annualised.  


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