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Personal Choice eWRAP Investment consolidates all the transaction reporting from various fund managers and companies, providing you with continuous online access to consolidated account information and a single comprehensive annual tax report. Investors can access the benefits of the Personal Choice eWRAP Investment, direct without a financial adviser by utilising our low cost transaction service. Personal Choice eWRAP Investment is a badged version of the Asgard eWRAP Investment.


The table below is only a summary. Please refer to the product diclosure statement for full details.

Minimum suggested account value* $100,000
Minimum buy/sell amount
$100 per managed investment
No minimum per share
Available investment options Cash, managed investments, fixed term deposit and shares
Upfront Fee NIL through 2020
Exit Fee NIL through 2020
Admin Fee Scale^   Managed Funds    Shares
  First $100,000 0.8014% pa 0.8600% pa
  Next $150,000 0.5964% pa   0.6400% pa 
  Next $500,000 0.3075% pa  0.3300% pa 
  Next $2,250,000 0.1025% pa  0.1100% pa 
  Over $3,000,000 NIL  NIL 
  For account balances less than $100,000, the minimum adminstration fee is: $799.35 pa $857.75 pa

If you hold both managed investments and shares through your account, the actual effective percentage administration fee charged will range between the percentages shown in the two columns depending on the respective values of the managed investments that you hold. Please refer to the PDS for more information.

Share brokerage $25.00 up to and including $30,000
  0.1025% of trade value greater than $30,000
2020 DIRECTINVEST Transaction Fee $11 per transaction for a buy or a sell transaction

^ Applied to the balance of your investment only and not applied to your Cash Account balance. If you hold both
* You may invest with less but admin fees are charged on a balance of $100,000.

Investment Choice & Flexibility

Access over 300 wholesale and boutique managed funds, typically unavailable for investment to retail investors and at wholesale investment fees and invest in ASX listed securities. Managed investments can be purchased for as little as $100 per fund and investors can set up a Regular Buy facility for as little as $100 per month to help you reach your investment goals sooner.

Competitive Fee Structure and Fee Rebates

Personal Choice eWRAP Investment have lower administration fees than the Asgard eWRAP. In addition, administration fees are capped at $3 million. 2020 DIRECTINVEST will waive all entry and exit fees and we do not charge ongoing adviser service fees. Asgard have also negotiated management fee rebates with a number of investment managers. These rebates range up to 40% of the fund manager's fee charged and is passed on to the investor in full.

Managing your eWRAP Investment Account

Through 2020, investors can finally access a low cost wrap account that gives you full control. As your account managers, we will help you make amendments to your accounts, answer general questions and help you buy and sell investments. We offer this service via our low cost transaction only service at only $11 (incl GST) per fund or share. All orders will receive an investment confirmation for your review and approval prior to placement. For more information on transacting, please visit our eWRAP FAQ section.

Asset transfers

Transfer managed investments that you hold through another Investor Directed Portfolio Service (IDPS) provider into your eWRAP Investment account without a change in beneficial ownership (provided the assets are on the Personal Choice eWRAP Available Products List). You can also transfer shares that you already own into your eWRAP Investment account.

Margin lending

Set up an optional linked St George Margin Lending account to take advantage of the interest rate discount available through 2020 DIRECTINVEST and gear your investments.

Why Personal Choice eWRAP?

Personal Choice eWRAP is a badged version of the award-winning Asgard eWRAP platform. Asgard has over 400,000 investors with over $37 billion in funds under management (as at September 2008) and is part of the Westpac Group. Personal Choice Portfolio Services Pty Ltd was formed by a group of independently owned dealer groups who joined with Asgard to promote Personal Choice eWRAP Investment.






Apply for a new eWRAP account or find out how to transfer your existing wrap account to Personal Choice through 2020 DIRECTINVEST.  

Download the Available Investment Options list below or research available funds please use our custom eWRAP Find a Fund tool.


Managing your eWRAP account

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about wrap accounts




2020 DIRECTINVEST will charge a $11 fee per transaction for each buy and sell, this is will be deducted from your eWRAP cash account. 2020 DIRECTINVEST may receive up to 50% off the administration fee paid on Personal Choice eWRAP accounts; this is paid from the eWRAP administration fees and is not an additional charge to the investor.


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