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This information has been prepared for investors of Personal Choice eWRAP through 2020 DIRECTINVEST only.

By establishing an eWRAP account via 2020 we become the servicing adviser, our role as the servicing adviser is to help you manage your account such as making amendments, buying and selling investments, customisations and to answer general questions. We do not provide you with personal financial advice. Below are just some of the account actions we will help you with. Simply contact our client services team on 02 8273 2020 if you require any further assistance.

All forms mentioned can be downloaded from the forms library

Buying and Selling investments - One off & Regular

  1. Complete and send us the Buy/Sell Form or Regular Buy/Sell Form. 
  2. We will submit your order for execution and email you a confirmation when complete.

2020 charges a transaction fee based $11 for each buy/sell per fund/share. Charges apply to all transactions entered by 2020, including (but not limited to) transactions which are subsequently cancelled, fail due to insufficient cash or at limit orders which expire. These transactions charges are in addition to any brokerage incurred for share trades. For more information please refer to the Buy/Sell form.

Changing Account Details

Account holders can change address and contact details themselves by logging into their Investor Online service. 

Pension clients: to change pension payment details, please contact our office with instructions. A confirmation form will be prepared for your authorisation. 


Account Type Method  
Investment Cheque Please let us know the value of your deposit and make your cheque to
  • Personal Choice eWRAP Investment <Account Name>
We will provide you with a remittance letter and address for sending the cheque. Please ensure cheques are crossed as 'Not Negotiable'.
  Direct Debit Please contact 2020 client services with details of the account for debiting. Asgard will automatically debit your nominated account on the next business day.
(Please refer to the Direct Debit Agreement in the PDS for more information)
  Direct Credit / EFT Deposits can be made through electronic funds transfer by contacting your bank.
Superannuation BPAY
Simply contact your bank or your employer to BPAY a contribution using the Biller and a Customer Reference number issued when your account was opened. Please contact our office if you have lost your BPAY details. 
If you would like Asgard to arrange for your superannuation to be transferred from another super fund, please complete the Transfer Authority Form.
  Direct Debit Please complete the Direct Debit Form to request a one-off contribution by direct debit.




Account Type Method  
Investment Direct Credit / cash transfer Cash transfers can be completed by the account holder using Asgard/St George Bank's Cash Online facility.
Super/Pension Partial Withdrawal

Please ensure that you meet eligibility requirements to withdraw from your account and complete the partial withdrawal form. Cash payments can be made by cheque or direct credit. Withdrawal requests must be made on the Partial Withdrawal form.


Income distribution

By default, all managed investments receive any distributions as cash. To elect to reinvest distribution(s) on any managed investment held, please complete the Income Distribution Option Form. 

Other Customisations

Required Cash Balance

Each eWRAP account type has a designated minimum cash requirement. Please complete the Customisation Form to nominate a new minimum cash balance (this must be greater than the standard required balance).

Auto-Invest Excess Cash
If you would like to automatically invest any excess cash in your cash account please complete the Customisation Form.

Corporate Actions
For an eWRAP Investment account, as you are both the legal and beneficial owner of the shares in your account, you will receive notice of, and be entitled to participate in, all corporate actions. Any notice of corporate actions will be sent to you directly by the relevant share registry.

For an eWRAP Super/Pension account holder, there are two types of corporate actions - voluntary where investors can choose an option they believe best suited to their personal circumstances and mandatory where investors must comply with the default selection. When you are eligible to participate in a voluntary corporate action, Asgard will notify 2020 and we will contact you with details of your entitlement at which time we will provide you with a Corporate Action Election Form for you to complete and return.

Binding Death Nomination

Binding death nomination: to create, renew or revoke a binding death benefit nomination on a Super/Pension account, please complete the Binding Death Nomination Form. 


All the forms named above are available for download from our Personal Choice eWRAP Forms page.

These details are subject to change without notice.


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