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Colonial First State FirstChoice Personal Super

Fund Category Miscellaneous
Minimum Initial Investment $1,500
Expected Close Date Ongoing
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Colonial First State FirstChoice Investment
Colonial First State FirstChoice Pension

The Colonial First State FirstChoice Personal Super makes investing easy by providing you with a wide range of investment options all through one account.
Colonial First State Superannuation gets your super working harder for your future, today. You can invest a wide range of contribution types including employer, personal, spouse and salary sacrifice.

100% entry fee rebate
Invest via 2020 DIRECTINVEST for 100% entry fee rebate on Colonial First State FirstChoice. Download the product disclosure statement which is coded for nil entry fees on your initial, regular and additional contributions.

Why choose FirstChoice?

Value FirstChoice investors receive value for money; fees are transparent so you get what you want- quality at a competitive price. 2020 DIRECTINVEST offers you even better value on Colonial First Choice super; we rebate 100% of the 4% entry fee so all your money is invested and unlike a financial adviser, we will not charge an adviser service fee that lasts the life of your investment.
Service Customer service how and when you need it whether it’s over the phone, online or by mail. When you make a deposit or switch investments, CFS will aim to have your written confirmation within 48 hours. You will receive twice yearly consolidated reports to keep you informed of all your investments.
Choice Choose from over 95 investment options to construct your superannuation portfolio. Diversify your portfolio easily with a selection of professionally constructed multi-manager portfolios or tailor your own with single manager options from well know investment managers including Colonial First State and specialist boutique managers.

Are you an existing Colonial First State investor?

Nominate 2020 DIRECTINVEST as your investment broker to benefit from our entry fee rebate. The only thing that changes on your investment is that 100% of your contribution is invested and if you're investing through an adviser, you will no longer pay an adviser service fee for the life of your investment.

Superannuation Contribution Remittance

To make a contribution to this superannuation fund, please post your remittance advice to:
Colonial First State
GPO Box 3956

Troubleshooting PDS downloads

Product disclosure statements from the 2020 DIRECTINVEST website will open in a pop-up window. Click here for help allowing pop-up windows on this website.


2020 DIRECTINVEST will rebate 100% of the 4% entry fee on investments in the Colonial First State FirstChoice Super platform as additional units. 2020 DIRECTINVEST may receive a trailing commission of up to 0.60% pa. This trailing commission is paid by the fund manager and is NOT an additional charge to the investor.

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