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KeyInvest Life Events Bond

Fund Category Miscellaneous
Minimum Initial Investment $100
Expected Close Date Ongoing
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The KeyInvest Life Events Bond enables investors to save for future life events by investing in a broad range of assets classes with access to eight tax effective investment options. Seven of the investment options are managed by Russell Investments.

Key features

  • Invest in eight managed funds through a tax effective bond structure.
  • Investment options are professionally managed by Russell Investments and you will receive support from KeyInvest.
  • Flexibility to invest in a single investment option or split your investment between multiple investment options.
  • Switch between investment opportunities without paying tax (see PDS page 23 for full details).
  • Child advancement option will automatically transfer bond ownership to your child at a pre-nominated future date.
Option Investment Objective
Russell Conservative Fund Invest in a diversified portfolio with exposure to 30% growth and 70% income investments. 
Russell Balanced Fund Invest in a diversified portfolio with exposure to 70% growth and 30% income investments.
Russell Growth Fund Invest in a diversified portfolio with exposure to 90% growth and 10% income investments.
Russell High Growth Fund Invest in a diversified portfolio with exposure to 100% income investments.
Russell Australian Cash Fund Invest in cash assets such as deposits, bank bills and floating rate notes.
Russell Australian Shares Fund Invest in shares or unit trusts listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.
Russell International Shares Fund Invest in a broad range of international shares listed on stock exchanges in developed international markets.
Russell Australian Cash Fund Invest in cash assets such as deposits, bank bills and floating rate notes.
KeyInvest Term Deposit Invest in a diversified range of Term Deposits originated by Australian Banks and Authorised Deposit Taking Institutions (ADI’s).


The KeyInvest Life Events Bond may be suitable for investors who would like to:

  • Provide their child or grandchild with capital for major life events such as educational expenses.
  • Build wealth via a broad range of managed investments.
  • Invest without incurring tax liabilities (subject to investment bond minimum holding period).
  • Benefit from estate planning features.

About Russell
Russell Investments is a global investment management company that believes investors of all sizes can benefit from access to the world’s leading money managers. To that end, they research, identify and select best-of-breed investment managers from around the world. Those managers are put to work for some of the world’s largest investors, financial advisers and individuals saving for retirement.

About KeyInvest
Previously known as IOOFSA, KeyInvest’s history dates back to 1878 when funds were pooled together to provide members and their families with financial benefits. KeyInvest now focuses on providing families with benefits for life’s major events such as home deposits and educational expenses. KeyInvest is a licensed Friendly Society regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) with total assets under management of approximately $180 million as at 30 June 2009.

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