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Mason Stevens Credit Fund

Fund Category Fixed Interest
Minimum Initial Investment $25,000
Expected Close Date Open-ended


Where are you searching for yield? Mason Stevens Credit Fund's return since inception is 6.12% p.a.^

Against a backdrop of falling interest rates and diminishing yield, the Mason Stevens Credit Fund has been designed to dynamically capture fixed income opportunities to provide investors with stable returns. The Fund was created to allow investors to tap into the institutional fixed income market using strategies that are not easily replicated by individual investors.

The Fund’s investment strategy is to invest in a portfolio of interest rate securities that pay a fixed or floating rate of return and aim to generate returns in excess of 2.5% pa above the RBA Cash Rate after fees and expenses by investing in an actively managed portfolio of interest rate securities.

Fund Performance

As at 31 January 2020 1 mth 3 mths 6 mths 1 yr Since inception (p.a.)~
Mason Stevens Credit Fund 1.14% 1.98% 3.18% 7.83% 6.12%
RBA Cash Rate 0.06% 0.19% 0.42% 1.11% 1.83%
+ / - Return 1.08% 1.79% 2.76% 6.72% 4.29%

~Inception date is 31 May 2013

Key Benefits

  • Stable returns from fixed income securities: the Fund aims to provide investors with a regular income and capital stability over the medium term.

  • Dynamic investment strategies to capture opportunities: access and take full advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.

  • Access to investment opportunities that are not ordinarily available to retail investors: access to wholesale capital markets.

  • Access to talented and experienced investment professionals: experienced across all major asset classes in all market cycles.


Investment Strategy

Mason Stevens Asset Management will seek to achieve the Fund’s investment objective by employing a range of active and dynamic investment strategies across the Australian corporate debt markets, both locally and internationally. The Fund can invest in any interest rate securities including corporate debt, Hybrid Securities and Structured Debt Securities such as residential mortgage backed securities and asset backed securities.

  • Asset Composition
    The Fund aims to invest in interest rate related securities and cash with no more than 10% of the assets of the Fund may be exposed to a single issue.
  • Risk
    The Fund aims to maximise returns on investor’s capital, subject to an acceptable level of risk. These risks may include credit, market, interest rate, foreign currency, convertibility, duration and liquidity risks. Engaging in active investment management will mitigate such risk and enable the Fund to enhance return to investors.
  • Special Situations
    Professional fund managers or institutional investors are often given preferred access to wholesale market and private placements. By having access to the wholesale market, the Fund can profit from opportunities that are not ordinarily available to individual investors.

Mason Stevens Asset Management believe the dynamic nature of these strategies should provide an opportunity for the Fund to generate additional returns from individual securities, sectors, special events or momentum-driven themes within the Australian market.

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There are no commissions in the Mason Stevens Credit Fund. Mason Stevens Credit Fund is issued by Mason Stevens Limited, a related company of Mason Stevens Asset Management Pty Ltd.

Disclaimers and other important information

^As at 31 January 2020. Returns are calculated net of fees based on the exit price (including sell spread) and calculated from the Fund inception date of 31/05/13. Individual returns will vary depending on date of initial investment and if distributions are reinvested. *The Benchmark is the RBA Cash Rate. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and may not be achieved in the future.

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