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MLC MasterKey Super

Fund Category Miscellaneous
Minimum Initial Investment $5,000
Expected Close Date Ongoing
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MLC Masterkey
MLC Masterkey Pension

MLC Masterkey Super is an integrated portfolio management solution for accumulating savings via superannuation. Offering an extensive range of investment choices, MLC Super makes it easy for you to construct, build and manage your superannuation money. Online reporting enables you to log in and view your portfolio at any time.

100% entry fee rebate
2020 DIRECTINVEST rebates 100% of the 5% entry fee on all MLC Masterkey products. This includes the initial, regular and additional contributions.

To assist you to construct, build and manage your superannuation portfolio, MLC Masterkey provides:

  • An extensive investment choice of MLC and external funds
  • Multi-manager options diversified across different investment markets
  • Multi-manager options focused on specific investment market sectors
  • Single-manager options focused on specific investment market sectors

The "Ready-to Invest" Menu is a simple and reliable way to invest - comprising of diversified multi-manager, multi-sector investment options that are managed by MLC's investment team applying MLC Masterkey's Manager of Managers Investment Process. For a more hands on approach, the "Sector Choice" Menu enables investors to be more active in constructing their investment portfolio, with specific market sector investment options, managed by both MLC super and other leading fund managers.

Are you an existing MLC Masterkey investor?

Nominate 2020 DIRECTINVEST as your broker we can code your account for a full rebate of all future entry fees on investments, contributions or regular savings plans without needing to change the investment. Complete our one page fund broker nomination form.

Superannuation Contribution Remittance

To make a contribution to this superannuation fund, please post your remittance advice to:

PO Box 200

Troubleshooting PDS downloads

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2020 DIRECTINVEST will rebate 100% of the 5.0% entry fee on investments in MLC Masterkey Super as additional units. 2020 DIRECTINVEST may receive a trailing commission of up to 0.6% pa. This trailing commission is paid by the fund manager and is NOT an additional charge to the investor.

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