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Smallco Investment Fund

Fund Category Australian Shares
Minimum Initial Investment $40,000
Expected Close Date Open-ended

The Smallco Investment Fund provides investors exposure to high quality, small Australian companies through an actively researched and managed portfolio. The fund aims to provide consistent returns by dynamically seeking high quality Australian companies, particularly those in the “Smallco sweet spot”.

The Smallco Investment Fund invests mostly in smaller Australian listed companies whose share price the fund managers consider to be significantly undervalued. Smallco defines a smaller company as those outside of the ASX 100 at the time of investment with a particular focus on companies with $100 million to $500 million market capitalisation. Companies within this ‘sweet spot’ are considered to be small enough to be relatively under-researched whilst being large enough to be a feasible business.

Key benefits:

  • A focused boutique fund: the Smallco Investment Fund is the only retail fund managed by the managers so their sole focus is to provide investors of the fund with solid returns.
  • Actively managed and researched portfolio.
  • Experienced managers: the three investment managers combined have over 50 years experience in the Australian investment market.
  • Alignment of interests: all investment professionals involved in the fund have significant personal holdings so their interests are strong aligned with investors.

Fund Performance

as at 30 June 2014*

3 mths 6 mths 1 yr 3 yrs 5 yrs Since inception^
Portfolio Return -3.50% 3.70% 21.40% 30.0% 26.80% 13.90%

The managers of the Smallco Investment Fund believe that it’s better to have a small number of quality investments than a large number of mediocre investments. With a target investment of 25-35 securities, Smallco seek to identify quality companies in a strong competitive position in its industry, have attractive and predictable earnings outlook, are capable to generating high returns on cash invested and a strong board backed by a solid management team. 

Smallco have historically limited the number of investors in the Fund when necessary to protect capacity and limit any liquidity issues. It is now open for investment again in a limited capacity offer.   

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There are no establishment, contribution, withdrawal and termination fees with the Smallco Investment Fund. Potential investors should carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement before deciding to invest.

Disclaimers and other important information

^ Fund inception date 31/10/2000
*Returns annualised. Returns calculated after all fees and expenses and based on exit price and reinvestment of distributions. Past performance is not a reliable guide as to future performance. Returns are not guaranteed.
~The Small Industrials Accumulation Index has been used to enable investors to compare, on a historical basis, the performance of the SIF with the index that most closely resembles SIF's investing universe.


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