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St. George Margin Lending offers a flexible line of credit to enable investors to build a tax effective and more diversified investment portfolio that may be up to three times larger than you would otherwise have. St. George Margin Lending has a choice of interest rate options, flexible payment options, access to a linked Cash Management Trust Account and comprehensive Acceptable Securities List.

Key features:

  • No establishment fees for individual investors
  • No account keeping or transaction fees
  • Low minimum loan

A St. George Margin Lending facility makes it easy to establish and maintain a long term investment strategy using the Savings Gearing Plan to make regular investments every month to enhance your own contributions or with loan advances from your borrowed funds. Savings gearing allows you to smooth out the highs and lows of market movements by dollar cost averaging into the market and build a geared investment portfolio.

Depending on your personal situation, margin lending may offer highly effective tax advantages such as

  • Tax deductions for loan interest paid
  • Tax deductions for interest pre-paid up to 12 months in advance in the current financial year
  • Gaining access to cash without triggering a capital gains event from the sale of your investment by borrowing against your existing portfolio
  • Franking credits from some Australian shares which may help reduce your overall amount of tax payable

This is general information only, we recommend you seek personalised advice from a tax specialist or financial adviser.

St.George Margin Lending provides a vehicle for investors who are looking for medium to long-term investment opportunities; have a relatively high, secure disposable income; are willing to bear greater risk for the chance of greater return; have adequate cash reserves or other security to meet margin calls; have some understanding of the stock market and its operations; and understand that gearing multiplies losses as well as gains.





Establish a new loan by completing the St George Margin Lending application.  

Refinance with St George Margin Lending completing the application and refinance form.




*2020 DIRECTINVEST will charge a one-off access fee of 0.25% of the loan amount. There are no commissions in a St George Margin Loan.


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