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2020 Private Services

Made possible through the merger between 2020 DIRECTINVEST and Mason Stevens, 2020 Private taps into the extensive network and expertise of the Mason Stevens Group to provide our investors with a smarter and a more powerful way to invest. 2020 Private’s investment management service takes a multi-strategy co-investment approach to managing your wealth.


Managed Discretionary Account Service

The Managed Accounts service is a separately managed account service that provides investors with a sophisticated and comprehensive direct equities solution. Investment options include model portfolios managed by Perpetual Investments, Magellan Asset Management, Bennelong Funds Management and Mason Stevens Asset Management.

Professional management Mason Stevens has selected the best of breed portfolio managers to oversee each model portfolio.
Personalised, transparent outcomes Individual, not pooled ownership produces fair, transparent tax outcomes for each investor.
Beneficial ownership Custodial service allows for easy administration and consolidated reporting, whilst retaining beneficial ownership of the underlying securities in the model portfolio.
Access to global equities Mason Stevens leads the way as one of the first managed account providers to offer an international equity model portfolio.
Sophisticated administration The service is powered by a sophisticated operating and reporting system with 24 hour access to personalised investment information, comprehensive reporting and end of year reporting.

Sophisticated Self Directed Accounts

A Self-Directed Account provides investors with a complete multi-asset, multi-currency investment solution. Investments that can be accessed include domestic and international listed securities, managed funds, derivatives, domestic and global fixed income, listed property, cash and term deposits.

Flexible investment choices Allocate your portfolio across a broad range of investment choices in order to meet your financial objectives.
Access to global markets Mason Stevens has access to all major exchanges.
Comprehensive administration The service takes care of all transactions, dividends, income, fees and corporate actions for you, and provides you with an audited tax summary at the end of the financial year.
Transparent reporting Track the performance of your portfolio and stay informed of your investment position via an online investor login.
Beneficial ownership Receive the benefit of all available dividends, dividend imputation/franking credits (if applicable) and also incur any capital gains and losses.



Minimum investment

There is no minimum investment amount; however you will be required to keep a minimum AUD cash balance of $500.00.

If you choose to invest in a managed fund, you will need to meet the minimum investment requirements of the fund’s PDS.

Investment choices                                                 

Shares and Warrants (Australian and international);
Derivatives (Australian and International);
Listed property (Australian and international);
Fixed interest (Australian and international);
Managed funds (Australian and international);
Cash and Term Deposits;                      

Custodian and sub-custodian Mason Stevens is the custodian and appoints a sub-custodian for the service.
Administration fee 0.275% p.a. Calculated daily and charged monthly in arrears for balances up to and including $1,000,000.
Custody fee
0.055% p.a. Calculated daily and charged monthly in arrears for the portion of the balance above $1,000,000.
Account service fee $165.00 p.a. charged monthly in arrears.
Transaction costs     

Domestic shares: 0.55% of the value of each transaction (minimum $33.00 per transaction);
International shares: 1.10% of the value of each transaction (minimum A$75.00 per transaction);
Managed fund: $55.00 per transaction;
Bonds: 0.55% of the nominal value of each transaction;
In specie transfer: up to $33 for each investment plus any applicable stamp duties

Exclusive Opportunities

Drawing on our deep understanding of local and international markets, we can keep you informed of our investment ideas and provide access to exclusive opportunities across:

  • Domestic and international equities
  • Fixed income and asset backed securities
  • Packaged equity solutions
  • Strategies to reduce the effect of market volatility

Investments are administered through a Self-Directed Account so you can log in at any time to access transparent and comprehensive performance information on your portfolio.

Strategic Advice

Investors are able to choose their level of engagement with the firm - whether that be self-directed or in partnership. We can partner with you to create a tailored investment strategy to suit your individual objectives and risk appetite.  

If you would like to find out more about becoming a client, please contact us on 02 8273 2020 or register to receive updates and investment opportunities from 2020 Private.


Sophisticated Investors

2020 Private is a bespoke service for Sophisticated Investors, as defined by the Corporations Act 2001:

  • Have assets of at least $2.5 million; and/or
  • Have a gross income for each of the last 2 financial years of at least $250,000 per year.

In addition to meeting the qualification:

  • This criteria must be met by the applying entity (ie. individual, company, trust etc), and
  • Provide a certificate by a qualified accountant verifying that the criteria has been met.


Australian shares
International shares
Fixed income


Investment products

Managed Funds
Managed Accounts
Superannuation Funds
Wrap Accounts
Insurance Bonds


St George Margin Lending
BT Margin Lending
Investment Bond
Sophisticated Investor Opportunities
Self Managed Super Funds

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